Ways to Wear February's Bow Ties of the Month

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To jump start our HC Blog, we wanted to give you a better look at what went into our bow ties of the month for February. We'll be looking at the thought process behind Lone Ranger, Hopeless, and Penelope 2.0, as well as ways to wear them.

HIM Clothing - Psyche Valentine's Day Handmade Necktie

HIM Clothing - Penelope Odysseus Handmade Neckties Bow Ties

We've done special edition bow ties for Valentine's Day for a few years now. It seems like a time where people feel somewhat inclined to dress up, so, to us, it makes sense. In 2014 we introduced our first necktie, Psyche: a dark red tie with a pink tail and our infamous Bloom pattern on the interlining. One of our customers swears by it as his go-to tie. In 2015 we decided to push the envelope a bit more and released two neckties AND bow ties. We created the beautiful and classical couple that is Odysseus and Penelope. To our surprise, both of these patterns ended up being the main attraction in two separate weddings! How cool is that?

HIM Clothing - Penelope Wedding Handmade Neckties

For 2016, we wanted to do something special for Valentine's Day again, but wanted to tie it into our bow tie of the month club, The Club. Each month when I go fabric shopping, I look to have a few different things: a more traditional pattern, a more organic one, and something a bit outside of the box. With Valentine's Day in mind, I had a good idea of a few other things that I wanted to include as well: I wanted something red, something floral, and, most of all, I wanted something dark and almost anti-Valentine's Day. This last one was something I wanted the most. I don't know why, but I wanted something to embrace those people that celebrate being single.

Starting with our black sheep, Lone Ranger was something I was really excited about. When I found the fabric I wanted to use, the name 'Lone Ranger' instantly came to mind. While the charcoal gray base and white pattern already get the point across, the somewhat western style pattern really brings it home. The nice thing, however, is that the pattern is minimal enough that it doesn't scream western; simple lines and a monochromatic color scheme make it something entirely unique. In my outfit choice, I decided to stick to the black and white color scheme, with a dark gray tuxedo jacket and a white shirt. The rounded collar helps to compliment the organic curves in the bow tie's pattern and our Taches Noir lapel flower further emphasizes the color scheme on the lapel, just for a little extra detail.

HIM Clothing - Valentine's Day Lone Ranger Handmade Bow Tie

HIM Clothing - Pinned Lapel Flower Handmade

* A quick tip: If your jacket doesn't have a button hole like most tuxedo jackets, just push a safety pin through the fabric of the lapel flower to get the same result.

With Valentine's Day comes the saturation of everything red and white, which is where Hopeless comes in. What I love about this pattern is it's twist on your traditional polka dot/pin dot pattern. It doesn't really fit into either category and slides somewhere in the middle, alternating between medium sized polka dots and clusters of three smaller pin dots. When wearing this, I went for a simple blue pinstriped shirt with a dark blue jacket and our Rouge lapel flower to draw the red from the bow tie in. The cooler blue helps to compliment the red without being too drastic. This outfit uses simple patterns and solids to make a very refined, classic look in a modern style.

HIM Clothing - Valentine's Day Hopeless Handmade Bow Tie

*Dog optional

For our final bow tie, Penelope 2.0, I was drawing inspiration from our Penelope pattern from last year. This pattern has a great way of balancing positive and negative space: the colored areas give just a hint of color while the black and white segments make for a unique minimal pattern. If you look closely at the colored sections, you'll see that this is literally a 'color-by-numbers' pattern. Also, If you tie it using the opposite face side, you'll have a completely different patterned bow tie. When pairing this bow tie with an outfit, I landed on a soft, solid pink shirt, which helped the white of the bow tie to stand out, but complimented the unique colors as well. To ground everything, I wore the same gray jacket as above and opted for a more reserved, floral print pocket square, using our Oxford pocket square in a poof fold.

 HIM Clothing - Valentine's Day Penelope 2.0 Handmade Bow Tie

Thanks for reading the deeper look at our bow ties of the month! If you have any comments about the outfits or patterns we chose, we would love to hear from you! Keep an eye out for next month's post about our next set of bow ties on March 1st. Thanks for reading!

February 02, 2016 by Hugh Hartigan
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