HIM Wedding Feature: Maria and Joe

HIM Clothing - Custom Wedding Bow Ties Maria and Joe Groomsmen Gifts

At HIM, one of our favorite projects to work on is a custom wedding. We stumbled into doing weddings when my girlfriend's best friend, Maria, asked if we could do some custom bow ties for the groomsmen gifts in her upcoming wedding. We had never done anything like this before, so I did what I do best and flew by the seat of my pants. Juliana and I decided to take Maria fabric shopping and see what we could come up with.

They had a very classic, black and white look in mind, but wanted something to distinguish the groomsmen, which is where the bow ties came into play. The bridesmaids were wearing black and white striped dresses, so the natural compliment would be a black and white striped bow tie. We met at Fancy Tiger Crafts, showed Maria a few examples of the types of bow ties we could make for her and started sifting through endless amounts of fabric. I can tell you this now, I never thought it would be so difficult to find a black and white striped fabric.

HIM Clothing - Custom Wedding Bow Ties Maria and Joe Groomsmen Gifts

We must have gone to four or five different fabric stores before we finally found something that would work and would add a little extra pizazz. We found a large pattern, black and white chevron fabric the fit the bill perfectly. After a days work, we had four unique, black and white bow ties that were a perfect fit for Maria and Joe's black and white themed wedding and doubled as a great groomsmen gift.

HIM Clothing - Custom Wedding Bow Ties Maria and Joe Groomsmen Gifts

It was a bit haphazard at the start, but this first lead to our unique approach to weddings where we take couples fabric shopping and let them decide what looks best for their wedding day. As always, Chris and I, with our respective backgrounds in the art world, are always there to help with color and pattern matching should they need it. Over the past few years, we've had the privilege of working very closely with some amazing couples to make custom accessories for their wedding and, to be quite honest, it's become my favorite part of the job. We've had couples reach out to us months afterwards, just to say hello and thank us again, which truly makes us know that what we're doing is pretty darn cool.

To learn more about our custom wedding service, take a look at our Weddings page or visit us on The Knot! To get in contact with us, just fill out our Custom Wedding Form.

February 11, 2016 by Hugh Hartigan
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