HIM Clothing was founded in March of 2013 and it wasn't until October 5th, 2013 that we officially released our first line of ties.

Now, the word 'founded' and 'released' have tentative meanings here. When I say 'founded' I mean 'Chris and I decided to start making ties and officially established HIM Clothing LLC.' When I say 'released' I mean we had one of each tie, enough to take photos of all of them together. It's safe to say that Chris and I didn't really know what we were getting ourselves into. Our name was born out of the initials of three fashion forward friends, the logo created on a whim, and our first photos posted to Facebook just for fun. After that, all of the sudden we had a 'tie company' on our hands. Chris and I got together, picked out some fabrics, and learned how to make ties (or, at very least, our version of them). We had a goal in mind and the Premiere Line was that vision's realization.

Although we look back at the Premiere Line as more of a rough sketch of what we do now, it ultimately defined our dream and brought our passion to the forefront. With incredible support from our friends and family, HIM quickly became a reality. After nearly two years in existence we have decided to officially retire the Premiere Line. We want to thank each and every one of our friends and family that have seen us through this tumultuous journey to where we are now, as well as all of the customers that supported us while at our youngest and most naive stage. Without you, we could never have imagined the success we have thus far achieved.

Here's to you, to the Premiere Line, and to all of the crazy adventures that we will have with HIM. Thanks for sticking with us!

- Hugh Hartigan, Founder, HIM Clothing