Baker Street Reversible Bow Tie


“One of our driving factors for this line was an emphasis on suit patterns and a more traditional approach to overall style. ‘Baker Street’ incorporates a herringbone pattern with a plaid overlay, mimicking a very traditional tweed pattern. Tweed is typically a very rough, heavy fabric, so we brightened up the colors and streamlined the pattern, adding our own personal flair. I was first inspired by the modern Sherlock television series, and came to find out that Sherlock has always been depicted wearing tweed, even in literature, hence our choice on the name ‘Baker Street.’ This bow tie looks great against a light blue or white shirt, though this tie has a special relationship with the color red.” – Chris

  • 100% Cotton (100% organic cotton on front)
  • 5 in wide x 2 in high (12.7 cm x 5.08 cm)
  • Adjustable self-tie for neck sizes 13½ - 19"
  • Handmade in Denver, CO